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Top 5 things to know when you are starting a construction or remodeling project

There are many people out there that might consider getting remodeling work done on their home or business – but few might persevere! These tips for remodeling your home will guide you into the right direction.

In our experience as a remodeling and construction firm, we have found that those that continue with their project through to completion follow the below top five pointers. If you are thinking about doing remodeling work, read on!

Tips for remodeling your home 1: Leadership and responsibility

You will need to know what kind of support system you have in place – who have you hired? If you’ve hired a remodeling and construction firm like Executive Properties, then they will take care of all of your needs throughout the project (as long as they are the only team you have hired).

For example, if you want a complete bathroom remodel and you call us, we will take care of everything. This includes inspectors and sub-contractors if required; then you will do the minimal. That also means that we will take responsibility for your project, and be leaders to ensure that it is completed to the highest quality.

You could also choose to work with individual contractors (e.g. call the electrician independently from the tiler), but this means that they will only be leaders in their section of the project, and they won’t take responsibility for anything that they weren’t directly involved in. Find more information on risks here.

Tips for remodeling your home 2: Over budget

You can talk about budget with your chosen construction firm, and they should stick with that budget as long as no surprises occur, and no changes are made. If you don’t have a construction firm and you are hiring contractors alone, then it will be harder for you to control the budget effectively.

Bare in mind that while having an overall project construction firm can be beneficial for controlling the budget, if they find a problem in your home (such as wiring that is not up to code) then they cannot work on your home without also fixing that. This can increase the construction bid dramatically, and is often a problem for new homeowners that hoped to do work on the property. Here is a link to a budget control overview.   and here is a link to a payment structure.

Tips for remodeling your home 3: Time and scheduling

Decide how much time you would be happy to invest. Projects can take as much or as little time as you let them, and to know how long you are going to be happy with loud banging, saws and crashing sounds, is to your advantage! Try to organise construction work around a time that you are out of the house, and try to make sure that the work is done in fewer, longer days if possible (rather than spread out over time). This will minimize things such as dust in the air if you are doing demolition.

For more information on working around your schedule, check out this article!

Tips for remodeling your home 4: Road blocks

Many projects have problems. This can be for many reasons. Unexpected problems in the structure of the home, changes that have been made last minute, or incorrect materials that have been ordered by different parties. There are so many moving parts that it is not always easy to keep things running smoothly.

This is another supportive reason for using an experienced remodeling firm. They will have seen it all before, and will know how to quickly and easily problem solve you to success. If you are managing your project on your own then you can also pop into different stores (such as Lowes) and ask questions there. They can often be very helpful and give great advice.

Don’t lose hope! Has it turned into a nightmare already? Read this!   Or download these Apps to control those unexpected changes!

Tips for remodeling your home 5: Consider environmentally friendly

Something that is often not considered are environmentally friendly practises. These might seem complicated at first,but there are simple things you can do. Examples are installing solar panels to charge outdoor lighting, or using better quality windows and insulation to regulate temperature. These can be very beneficial in the long-run, and can result in you saving money.

You can buy those materials on your own, but you might find that construction and remodeling firms buy in bulk and can get them for a lower price. You also know the job is done right! Just ask your local firm about environmentally friendly practises that they adopt. Find more info on this subject here, here and here!

Still need answers? Check out articles here, here and here! If you have any questions and want to reach out, remember to give us a call at (701) 330 1273 or contact us here!


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