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“If you are in Grand Forks and need a contractor, I can’t recommend Executive Properties, LLC enough! They’ve done quite a bit of work for us now in the old place and the new. Among other projects at the old house, they repaired our water damaged ceilings, which had an old texture that was no longer sold, but they matched it so well you couldn’t even tell it had been repaired. This week, they squeezed us into the schedule to install an egress window so that Avery can have his basement bedroom. I can’t believe the change from the old style! I love all of the new light down there and the way they matched the moldings on the closet! The quality of everything they’ve done for us has been fantastic and they are always professional and positive to work with. Wayne and his crew have done the work, and we’ve worked with Chris for bids and scheduling. Next up, basement flooring!” – Meg Berg

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